Free Baby Cotton - Protest in Paris

Paris, TX, yesterday, unwillingly hosted a historical event in what some are calling the birth of the new civil rights movement. The people of Paris, Dallas, and the surrounding cities all joined forces and bore the rain in front of the courthouse in Paris, TX to protest the wrongful imprisonment of fourteen year old Shaquanda Cotton, and take a stand for racial injustice everywhere. Initial tensions were high after organizers received many threatening calls from Paris citizens and KKK members warning people " stay out of our town" and to "leave our Coloreds alone", but the protest remained peaceful as intended and in high spirits, despite the rain and heavy police presence. Many protesters were upset by what they called an excessive police showing, but more so by the many watching from the courthouse windows, filming and what appeared to be snickering at the events. The overall mood of the rally was powerful and empowering, but more important was the feeling of unity and unrest that followed. After the rally was over, nothing felt like business as usual . All chatter and talk was about future plans and next moves, which is crucial to any group who seeks real results. Was this the birth of a movement, or just a day of speeches? It all depends on the actions of those who attended. Will they ride the euphoria for a day and then regain their complacency, or spread the message? Only time will tell. All I can say is that, from the feeling of being there, this was more than just a spark to start a flame: it was a lit stick of dynamite and a can of gasoline in what is already an explosive situation. End racial injustice. One law for all. Free Baby Cotton now.

Highlights from the rally

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