Some Words for Jamaica

When black nations around the world are setting the standard for struggling, I look positively toward Jamaica as an example of strength and hope. They have some problems, like us all, but still carry a sense of universal Jamaican Pride- or black pride, or brotherhood, even humanity -that is globally envied, and shamelessly exploited.
I understand there seems to be at least one unnecessary line of division there. A certain segment who embrace or sometimes advocate for the use/legalization of marijuana, and another class who not only disagree for commonly stated reasons, but seem to look down upon such culture as a shameful part of their history.
I can tell you as a sensitive resident that the winds are changing in the US. Pot heads here and pejoratively Rastafari there may be the poster children for marijuana culture, but you cannot simply model policies based on politics. Especially Western and American politics. Not because they are so bad, but because if they beat you to the legalization finish line, your tourism-based economy will suffer with the trend. As more countries who model their policies off of America's lead change their attitudes toward marijuana, especially mass producer Mexico, you will be too late to jump on the bandwagon. Once you realize your mistake, the Jamaican Legalization Act (you're welcome) will be mocked for the failure it will become. Listen to your instinct, and those relatives you modern day... just listen to your citizens. Legalize marijuana in Jamaica. As it becomes legal in more and more places, your economy will lose vital footing on an already rocky terrain. I say this as a brother.

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