Image issues

Image issues still plague blacks

When you think of beauty, who comes to mind? Think of five people who you think are considered beautiful by everyone. Got 'em? Now, how many of those people are black?
We have come a long way in recent decades, appreciating the physical attributes associated with our race. However, the "traditional" standard of American beauty, which many minorities feel caters to features known to white people, still is forcing many blacks to second guess themselves when looking in the mirror. Does this all seem familiar? Well it should. White standards of beauty, generational insecurity, self hatred- these terms are not new. By now, black people are well aware of the image oppression faced daily by their peers. With the increase in dreadlocks being worn, and progressive comedians like Monique promoting more curves, I thought we as a people were moving away from the old ways and truly embracing our qualities. Imagine my surprise to read about the increase in minorities getting plastic surgery. The true shocker was the type of surgeries being performed. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most common operations are nose reshapings, liposuction, and breast reductions. A question for those getting their noses reshaped- exactly what shape nose are you going for? The increase in plastic surgeries and the type of surgeries being done is a clear indication that we still have a long way to go when it comes to loving our bodies. I can plea and plea for my folks to embrace their full lips, wide noses, nappy roots, curvy hips, and big butts, but it may be too late for many who define beauty as a thin nose, light skin, and straight hair. My hope is that these in inherent insecurities die with this generations youth, but that will never happen as long as they get their definition of beauty from watching MTV's Laguna Beach. Image issues? Wake up people! The sixties called- they want their issues back. If you insist on taking notes from page ninteteen sixty in the history books, write this down- Black is Beautiful. Leave the surgeries alone.

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