N-words vs F-words

Black people are homophobic.
Of all the issues I have vastly more controversial views on, being pro gay marriage is the one I find most polarizing among my dark-skinned peers. They accept my religious ambiguity, my liberalism, and my unconventional and unclassifiable political views, but mention homosexuality and there is no room for compromise. Either you are anti gay marriage, or you are gay. Chew on this darkies: just as being called "black" doesn't insult, neither will "gay", for only in the eyes of the insulter are the terms negative.
If you oppose gay marriage, listen to my case. I personally am a fan of a well proportioned woman's behind- with a little extra as bonus (gluteous maximus). Believe it or not, there are people who actually prefer what is called in layman's terms a pancake butt (gluteous flatimous). Just as the preference to pancake butt over the traditional onion booty is mind boggling, I do not understand the attraction to men (for men OR women). However, if you want to marry a pancake butt, it is a matter of personal preference and the law should not intervene based on my beliefs.
I cannot support legal action against a group just because of the Christian/morality argument. Even the most fervent of Christians should ask if US law should be based on Christian law. If so, then why even allow Muslims or anyone else inside the country? Why refer to the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution instead of The Ten Commandments and Deuteronomy? If you oppose gay marriage, does that mean you support homosexual promiscuity? Banning gay marriage won't curb homosexuality, it just deters men from doing what they already struggle with- settling down.
The root of this argument in the black community is still based on gay vs straight. Gay marriage as an issue should not be decided upon who's gay vs who's straight, but that's the de facto division.
The question isn't do you support homosexuality or not, but should gay people be allowed to marry? Why not? "Because they are going to hell" may be a valid argument in the courts of heaven, but good luck with that legal argument in the courts of earth. If you oppose gay marriage because you oppose gay activity, should the law oppose interracial and all black marriage, as it has shown a legal distaste for people of color in general?

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  1. It really saddens me that African-Americans would be so homophobic. Racism and sexualism are not equal institutions in what they deny the aggrieved, but they are equally unacceptable.

    Interestingly enough, I bet you could find a whole lot of black folks who - although they wouldn't say it should be illegal - do not support interracial marriage, either.