Dear Rich Black People...

Dear real rich black people, the time has come for you to join forces.
I'm not talking to you middle class, or upper middle class people- congrats on your success, but I'll call you when Jet is in trouble. (The magazine industry is in trouble as a whole, so don't hold your breath on that Jet bailout.) I'm talking to the Oprahs and the Sean Carters. I'm even talking to the Bob Johnsons who promise not to sell us out to the man [this time]. With your powers combined, you can save Morris Brown College from a fiery doom. Why you? Because whoever's paying for it is in charge, and we need someone we can trust. Sigh, yes, you too Bob. Every now and then, someone in the fam may have their lights or phone off for a while, but you know times are hard when the water gets cut off. That's the cheapest bill!
With the loss of Morris Brown, our new found symbolic hope will be adulterated with real regress. Morris Brown needs sound funding that attracts righteous investors, to regain accreditation, and to keep educating american blacks. By giving back you can start a cycle that may lead to self reliance- graduates can pledge to a systematic giving back program, and with a few other income sources Morris Brown can operate autonomously.
So Master P, let me hear you say uuhhh-huh to saving Morris Brown.

JKR - American African, and those who agree.

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