Update: Shaquanda Cotton

William Blair Jr once said that "If ever there is a just cause, [black people] will stick together." It was a powerful statement of hope against a constant barrage of pessimism, but may be proving to be true after all. When the local radio station 97.9 The Beat got a hold of Shaquanda Cotton's story and reported it, the streets took action. Tomorrow morning at eleven AM, a peaceful protest will take place in front of city hall in Paris, TX. The address is 119 N Main St, Paris, TX 75460. Click here to get directions. Any one who is able to attend, please do so. Your participation is the only action that will take place. CNN is not going to report the story. We can't wait until 20/20 does a story and it reaches the sympathetic ear of an influential white person. If the story of Emmit Till had not been told repeatedly by everyone who heard it, how many more similar murders would have been committed without fear of consequence? We need to send a message to the justice system: the message that these double standards will not be tolerated. If you cannot be in Paris tomorrow morning, you still can support the cause. You can help by contacting Texas governor Rick Perry's website, sending Shaquanda notes of support, and spreading the word. Only together can we change a corrupt justice system, and save not only one little girl, but all future generations.

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  1. Anonymous28.3.07

    please hold your head up baby girl and be strong god is good all the time he does no wrong. love moneiy