Is the Barack the Magic Negro song racist? To many blacks, the answer is a resounding Yes, but I think was it racist isn't even the real issue. Rush Limbaugh has bosses just like everyone else. I, being the conspiracy brother myself, think that rush was put up to this by enemies of Barack to undermine his white supporters. They didn't attack his character, or his policies, or his history. They attacked his race- one of the most divisive issues in America. My theory is this: If they can stir up the racial tentions that most politicians try to steer clear of, then they can paint Mr. Obama as something many whites don't want anything to do with: a pro-black extremist. Race is such a sensitive and polarizing issue that even the most liberal, non-racist, tree hugging hippie can become defensive when faced with a pro-black conversation. Pro-black is quite often mistaken for anti-white, so by forcing Obama to defend these racial attacks, he plans to make him seem obsessed with his race, and that will isolate his supporters more than anything else. If the issue is diverted from his character and his policies to only race, people who share his views will instead not support him, or vote for the other guy. Very clever strategy, you fat, greasy, money hungry, evil sons of a building block. Almost genius- evil genius. You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Black people, don't be distracted by bigots being themselves. White people, don't disqualify Obama because his enemies duped you. Either way, bush will be out next year, so we all win.

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