Rest In Peace, Lady Hogan

Previously, this post simply stated "Advocate for those infected by HIV". I shamed myself and dishonored Lady with that glib interpretation of a life well lived.

I never had the chance to meet Lady Hogan personally, but was moved to near tears from the news of her death. That alone should signify the powerful impact her life left on this world. After all, I never met Malcolm, Garvey, Dr. King, nor Assatta, but their lives were so prominent, so passionate, that the ripple they created is just as potent today as it was to those standing next to them then, and their absence is still felt just as brutally fresh as if it happened yesterday. Lady Hogan can now join them as martyrs who changed the world for the better.
I have no desire to force empathy by means of personal stories. I only wish for the slightest understanding of who she was. She lived, and lived hard. Her joys and pains were as grand as they come, but only proved her extraordinary humanity. Lady lived and died serving others, despite her burdens, which would overwhelm even the kindest soul. Even during her last moments, when Death was at the door and Heaven calling her name, she spent her final breaths delegating help to those in need. Her selflessness was unmatched, and she was a credit to our kind. Through her efforts, countless lives will be saved. And though many may never know her name, and her worth never truly recognized, I see her heart. She was a saint, and deserves the highest honor. Rest in peace, Lady Hogan. You will be missed.


  1. Anonymous22.8.07

    Lady, I met you the first day I came to work at Catholic Charities and I never knew that you would change my life. You always showed me the positive way to think of negative situations. I will never forget the life advice that you gave me when I was ready to have a fit and wreck havoc on other people. You were truly a God Send for a lot of people and I am one person that feels honored to have met you and called you My Friend. You will be missed, but the ground work that you have started will go on and many women and children will be able to live a better quality of life because of your life story. May you rest in peace knowing that you left a mark on the Fort Worth community as well as footprints in the world as those you mentored go on to other places.
    Rest In Peace Lady.......

    La Freda S.

  2. J-

    Great post about a great person. My partner and I knew Lady back in the 90s, prior to and during her work at Anne Simon Reeves in Fort Worth. She was a pioneer in the Tarrant County HIV/AIDS field. Her efforts helping women, especially women of color, literally saved countless lives. We miss her dearly. Thank you for honoring her memory.

  3. Anonymous20.7.13

    Thank you for this post in her memory. I worked with Lady and considered her my friend. She is deeply missed.

    1. Anonymous22.10.13

      I consider Lady my best friend; I have missed her everyday and I think of her everyday. She was not just for the blacks but an advocate to everyone. She taught me to learn my job while I was teaching her. She was truely a pioneer in the Tarrant County HIV/AIDS community. I was truely blessed to be a part in her life for the short nine years I knew her. She really touch my life in the most positive way. She was my client, my co-worker, my friend, my travel companion, and now she'll my angel in heave. I loved Lady very much and five years later she is still deeply missed.