For the record, I am a fan of Angie Stone's beauty and music.
That being said, I think its symbolic to see such an icon of black female empowerment, a real sister's-sister, make the transition from natural to processed hair.

Yes, I know the majority will say that it's only a hairstyle.

Some may even criticize this as a gossip column.

But officially ordained or not, Angie Stone- with her pro-black ballads, beautiful brown skin, voluptuous full features, and natural hair- was on recognition a physical symbol of the beauty of black women in America- with all their natural features. I wouldn't go as far as to call her newly processed hair a setback, but I would consider it a minor shame that we have one less public figure to look at as an example of our natural beauty.

But hey, maybe next month, when the new growth is too prominent to ignore, we'll have that perfect fro again...

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