What Was That, Lou?

I only know one adverb beginning sentence that starts with Cotton, and that's "Cotton-picking nigger." What were you about to call her, Lou?

Since the Don Imus fiasco, professional public personalities have seemingly strengthened their resolve to push the envelope in the attempt to be "cutting edge". Rush Limbaugh's "Barack, the Magic Negro" song aired before the Imus' fifteen minutes was even up.

Not to be outdone when it comes to pulling out star power to measure size, Lou Dobbs seems to be following suit as well. Its only a matter of time before the ballsiest of our white news anchors decides to go the Full Monty, and says the n-word on air, then dares to be challenged.

Public racism up to the FCC to regulate, and trying to curb it without trampling one's first amendment rights is too tight a rope for me to walk, but a pubic service announcement for all those walking the fence in this endless n-word discussion: If you know the word is offensive, why advocate for its use at all?

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