"Kwanzaa is fake", says atheist post-jesus-birthday partiers

"Bush issues Kwanzaa statement" on a USAToday.com blog caught my eye. Anything Bush had to say to Black people directly would be entertaining at least. The statement was not delivered in front of anyone- obviously way too many big words for him- but it was a generic acknowledgment anyway. The only benefit of such uselessly rare public touches of race is watching the Jerry Springer civil war that erupts in the comments section after. The beauty of of online anonymity is revealed in this ugliness. This is america raw. People launch such blatant and malicious attacks on the races that you begin to wonder if everyone is racist, or if this is just where they all meet. And Jews, although rarely a part of the original story, get dragged in just as fast as the blacks and whites. But these comments seemed particularly offensive today. Normally the arguments stick near the "white oppressors" side or the "stupid nigger/jew" area, but I was bothered by a common third view in these comments. A black person wrote a lengthy comment about the stupid jews, the evil crackers, the governments Kwanzaa, etc. A white person ignored the first few parts and chose to focus on the third. Something about "tired of appeasing minorities" and how this made up holiday is an example.
The idea of these two very different people coming to an agreement seems like a good thing, but not always. Let me defend Kwanzaa officially for once: What other day of the year do black people in america actually think or act in remembrance of where they came from? Black history and the month begin with the slaves being brought to america, but we know the story begins before then. In Africa, bitches. And that's what Kwanzaa is about. Officially on board.

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