War Over Peace Prize

President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
If you want to promote Peace, you have to place yourself in the center of conflict. Whether each side throws words, punches, or bullets- you have to become the target. For the dissenters who ask "What has he done", that is your answer.

One of the oldest, most historical conflicts is the ancient fight between Israel and Palestine. This conflict is not just of principles and conversations- people are dying amid even conversations of this struggle. We cohabitate with war as if it were the most natural state, so nobody is breaking their neck to solve this problem. Only the victims are screaming. Now everyone is talking about Obama, and Obama is talking about something unheard of in politics- Peace. Critics scoff he has only given speeches, yet words are the only thing that will end this conflict. No US legislation, military action, or UN sanction will bring peace to Jerusalem, or to Israelites and Palestinians worldwide. In the era where every president has their war, Obama is opting to try and end the holy one.

Circumstances could not be more inclement as well. The market for peace is scarce these days. An American president won the Nobel Prize, and Americans are disturbed. Peace is disturbing. Peace forces the realization that there is opposition, and ask "What are you going to do about it?" Americans elected him, but Americans also pejoratively yelled "He's a Muslim!" The American president reached out to the Muslim world before the American public did. This unpopular, but right. This is leadership.

Israel and Palestine, Christian and Muslim, pro-choice and pro-life, gay and straight- one man has dedicated himself to resolving these conflicts and more. Most people say resolving these problems is a fantasy. They say the idea of a perfect world is cliche.

You may be incapable of imagining a world without these wars, but Obama isn't. The leader of the free world is acting like he has nothing to lose. Mr. America wants world peace. If he were anywhere other than the world stage, he would be receiving a crown and roses to thunderous applause.

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