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Disclaimer: I have great respect for Roland S. Martin, both the man and his works.

Fuck Roland S. Martin.

I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind, but now I see. - from "Amazing Grace"

Record Shirley Sherrod singing it, let Fox News edit it, and Roland S. Martin will defend it as evidence of Sherrod's lack of direction and vision.

Here's the story from the beginning: The so-called Tea Party forms, allegedly not because the POTUS is black. The NAACP is the first organization to officially accuse them of having a "racist element" within their ranks. The Tea Party's official response is "you guys are racist too", producing a poorly spliced video of Sherrod "admitting her own racism!"
I once was lost... Gotcha!
Journo-pundit Roland S. Martin would't normally take "I once was lost dot dot dot" as substantial evidence of anything, but there was a racial element to consider. Instead of "lost", Sherrod is singing an anti-white lyric. We all know the words to the song she was singing-- no story of redemption is complete without defect. Admitting a lesson was learned is admitting ignorance existed. The two minute YouTube video was so poorly edited that we don't even need to  see the rest of it to understand Sherrod's real intent. The attempt at defaming her was so amateurishly blatant that it should have been treated as entertainment, like those naked pictures of Katie Couric. Instead, Sherrod was fired, to Roland S. Martin's approval.
Since the allegation was "reverse racism", and Sherrod had been fired, it appeared the verdict was "guilty as charged."
And that was enough for Roland S. Martin to publicly justify her removal. He admits in the same video that the same USDA employees proven in court to have cost citizens billions in aid because of racial discrimination still have their jobs to this day, but in "this current political environment", Sherrod deserves to be fired. It began with the Tea Party being accused of racism, and thanks to Martin's contribution to the issue, ended as proof the NAACP is the one who is actually racist.
I could compare the USDA's treatment of Sherrod to their handling of previously accused racist workers, possibly sparking a discussion of racism vs "reverse-racism." I could point out that instead of denying the racism, former Tea Party spokesman Mark Williams only countered the accusation. I could use Sherrod to further the discussion on racism and the Tea Party movement.
I could, but those positions are politically unpopular and too much work. Instead, I'll join in on the Roland S. Martin bashing, in accordance with his own example.
Fuck Roland S. Martin, for actively maintaining the current political environment.

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