Focus: National v Local

Should your political focus be more local or national? 1SunRisen and your's truly discuss this and more in a public political conversation.

J: #AskObama why most of his questioners don't question local officials first.
1SunRisen: About drones and JP Morgan stock? To what avail?
J: It's more effective to control local politics than start from the top.
1SunRisen: yeah, I'm not talking local. The people's money isn't being blown locally. Feel me? when you follow the money trail, and the crony cahoots going down, my local rep doesn't play in. I agree with you tho, bro. It gets no more local (& grassroot) than the youngest minds in the community. Local indeed.
J: I'm not talking alderman Joe, I mean state reps etc. The $ trail goes thru them, they go to the POTUS.

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