Acting Your Color

$.75 is less than 3/5 of $2. Just Saying.
There was a time and place when "Stop acting your color" was a popular admonishment. It was an act of discipline specific for one behaving embarrassingly that could also negatively depict their race, in a way their race has already been stereotyped. Someone should tell the republican students holding the Pay-by-Race Bake Sale at Berkley to stop acting their color.
Some conservative students at Berkeley are holding the race-based bake sale in response to pending California bill SB 185, which would allow the 2 public institutions of higher learning (University of California and California State University) to legally consider race, gender, ethnicity, and national origin along with other relevant factors when considering admissions, as long as that consideration doesn't violate the 14th Amendment. These hippies want to increase diversity in the public institutions. Increase diversity?! That's the most racist thing ever.

To some, increasing diversity equates anti-white. For those lacking  lifetime to anti-affirmative action indoctrination, the association may not be automatic. The gist goes: there was racism, then affirmative action laws for non-white people. Now that we're past racist times, affirmative action is just a law for non-white people, aka against white people. Glenn Beck was acting his color when he said the motivation for everything Obama does is reparations, slavery based affirmative action, which at the minimum confirms affirmative action as a popular negative moniker.
When the US Supreme Court legally integrated public schools via Brown v Board of Education, it still took armed forces to protect the children of Little Rock, Arkansas' legal right to attend school. There was no law specifically saying "only white children can go to school", but it took legislation (and force) to get a black girl inside that school. Fast forward to 2011, public officials and institutions of higher education are saying they want a more diverse populous. SB 185 is a legal representation of that sentiment.
Somehow, the republican students of Berkeley understand wanting diversity to be not wanting white people, and decided to represent this by assigning dollar values to different races, according to their own hierarchy. SB 185 does not address admission rates at all, nor assigns value to different races as indicated by the bake sale. The diversity sought is more than race, but that isn't indicated by the opposition. Notice nationality isn't included in the pricing structure. A Russian immigrant would increase diversity, and SB 185 would allow the admissions board to legally admit that as a positive thing and take it into consideration, but [presuming the Russian is white, which there are non-white Russians] he would have to pay full price for his muffin, because he is "white". If a board has an influx of female or male applicants and wants to consider an applicant's sex to even things out, that could be a good thing. Yet that is not represented by the bake sale, or nor is any indication why it would be bad. Were it not for the inclusion of race in this equation, the Berkeley Republican group wouldn't be worried about SB 185 at all. Where must you stand for racial diversity to automatically be threatening? Stop acting your color.
Standing right behind this misinformed anti-diversity crusade is OutFox News' Sean Hannity, ironically painting the event as an anti-racism protest. In a forum on Hannity's site, the legislation is so apparently racist that it needs no explanation, yet is somehow
An expansion of the law's concept would be to have racism apply for business taxes and other financial breaks as well. Thus, we would have people seeking those with the race, gender, ethnicity, and national/geographic origin business tax preference to be the head of business just to get racists business tax preference.
Interesting. If we allow public schools to actively diversify even within the confines of the 14th amendment, the next thing you know we'll have business taxes and tax breaks diversifying. Companies could even end up hiring more diversely just to get those imaginary tax breaks!
Meanwhile back on Earth, SB 185 is about the admissions process, not the financing process. It doesn't lower prices for non-whites, or raise prices for whites. As hard as it is for some to imagine, SB 185 might actually help whites citizens as well. As bizarre as it may sound, SB 185 is not an attempt to take white citizens' money. Even an Orwellian fantasy expansion of SB 185 would not translate to giving tax breaks to citizens for not being white.
The Increase Diversity Bake Sale intends to be racist. It succeeds, but not as intended. It is their interpretation of SB 185, seen through a pure white lens, that is racist. The price list doesn't read "Americans: $2, Non-Americans: $ 1.50", it list races, because that is the threatening part of "diversity". Most affiliations allow for the understanding of diversity as being beneficial, but only association with this particular brand of white citizenry interprets diversity as a threat. According to the logic of these opponents, these same groups would oppose all attempts at recruiting foreign students as inherently un-American. Even grossly misinterpreted, the threat of SB 185 is labeled as being financial action specifically against whites. Without the white label attached to the victim, SB 185 is no threat. Why would we need SB 185, as opposed to allowing the Social Darwinist free market to decide who is admitted? The same reason we needed litigation to get blacks in school where legislation already allowed. Besides, it was the democratic free market that got this legislation proposed in the first place. Interpreting diversity to mean anti-white is an atypical train of thought. For a public institution to seek diversity in multiple forms, and then face opposition of that goal solely based on the racial aspect of said diversity, doesn't bode well for the Republican recruitment regime, which is already struggling with an increasingly diverse America. It's down right embarrassing. Somebody tell those anti-diversity children to sit down, and stop acting their color.

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