Has the NAACP Gone Hollywood?

When people seek justice, do they still call the NAACP?
Some say yes. They see the NAACP as the same pillar in the community and cornerstone to the civil rights movement they were forty years ago. They cite statistics, like the NAACP having two thousand active chapters, to prove their point of effectiveness.
I disagree.
Not to be a non conformist- A house divided against itself cannot stand.
I speak from a ground zero point of view. I see what the NAACP is doing, the battles it chooses to fight and the issues it chooses to stand against, and feel like they have strayed from the original path.
"The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. "
But when people are in trouble, can they really call the NAACP? When Creole Cotton called them on behalf of her wrongfully imprisoned daughter, all she got was doubt. The main people who should have supported her took the side of the bigots. The inactivity of the NAACP on local issues is becoming well known amongst the very people they claim to help. How can they claim to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination if they shun the common people, and only take high profile cases and issues? Racism is no longer practiced with burning crosses and publicized lynchings, but in discretion by policy and practices- like apartheid. If all you do is take on the high profile, blatantly obvious cases, then you are attacking the tip of the iceberg, and ignoring the looming glacier just below the surface.
I say this out of love. It is not my desire to cast doubt of the effectiveness of the NAACP, or for people to feel like they couldn't call them if they had an issue. I only wish for the organization to take a step back, and rediscover their roots. Otherwise, who are you really representing if not me, a man of color?

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