Are You Here for the Job, or to Rob Me?

One man wore a bright, royal blue zoot suit, including the matching blue shirt, bright blue striped tie, and blindingly blue vest. It had a long silver chain as a tie stay, and a matching long chain for the wallet(Imagine that scene from Malcolm X where he's strolling down the street looking fly). To top it off, he had a pair of blue snake skin shoes with silver tips and spurs to match, that jingled every time he moved. I just know he had an equally pimpish had with a long blue feather at home that he used all his willpower not to wear.
Another man wore the world's dingiest tall tee, some extra baggy gray sweats, and what used to be white Nike's.
Unless your applying for food stamps or going for Pimp of the Year, neither of these are appropriate for an interview. Especially a job interview.
I was appalled at some of the outfits worn to a mass hiring event I attended recently. I almost thought I was in the wrong place. Since when are holey jeans OK for an interview? Apparently, these people know something I don't about the interview process. They must know that the more derelict you look, the more sympathy they have, and are more likely to hire you. Is that what people think when they go for a job?
Well, that's not the case, people.
Consider this a public service announcement. Some positive criticism, brought to you out of love. All of my people who are interviewing for jobs and don't know how to dress: Dress like someone who wants a job.
Club attire is not work attire. Don't dress like you already have the job and just got off work. Don't dress like a pimp, no matter how good you think you look. It doesn't matter that its Sean John, sneakers and sweats are not OK. They may be expensive, but jeans are only appropriate if the job you are going for is "Professional Cowboy" or "Rapper".
Shave. Dress Conservative and simple. Turn OFF the cell phone.
Don't kill your chances before the interview even begins. Love.


  1. Love your blog! Thank you for that PSA. LMAO It's sad but true. I work in the HR dept. and hunny I can tell sometimes that someone ain't about to get hired just because of how they present themselves. Clothes are one part of it but someone's demeanor and how well they can articulate themselves is an even bigger deal for potential employers too.

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