Black Hos and Jiggaboos

With such a prime example of racism, it was difficult to settle on an angle.

It's not surprising to me that an old white man would speak such blatantly racist remarks.

I'm not surprising that any white man would have such a European sense of beauty, as to call a predominately black basketball team full of some really good looking girls "rough looking".

I'm not surprised that his co-commentator received no attention, even though he was just as guilty in his agreement with, and even assisting the comments made.

It's unsurprising that he has apologized for the comments, citing his "deep regret and embarrassment", but failed to acknowledge the wrong in thinking such hateful thoughts. (Just like Michael Richards)

What is surprising, is the obvious bigotry in the repercussions.

Not long ago, Lamar Thomas was fired from his sports analyst job for comments he made. A fight broke out between UA, his alumni, and rivals FIU, and he made "inappropriate comments" like "That's what I'm talking about!", and " You don't come into our house talking noise like that!"

He was fired just one day after the comments were made because they say his comments "condoned violence", but ol Don Imus insults an entire race of women by calling them "nappy headed ho's" and "jiggaboos", and it takes five days for any action to occur. If it wasn't on YouTube that Friday and responded to with such outrage, I wonder if any action would have been taken at all. And what action was taken? The show will be suspended for two weeks, starting April sixteenth. Oh, the bigotry, how it burns. Both Don Imus and Sid Rosenberg should be fired and blacklisted from the entire media industry. Anything less proves the tolerance of racism in amongst white media personalities. The only means of contacting the network is by email, so if you are equally outraged, send an email to This has got to stop.

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