Obama Drama

I admit to being extremely jaded when it comes to the American political process, but I have yet to be impressed by Mr. Obama. Reading a story about Obama calling out blacks in South Carolina, I could help but smile. One paragraph reads:

...Clinton enjoys strong support in the black community and is married to former President Clinton, who is wildly popular among black voters. Obama's advisers say their biggest challenge is introducing him to voters who certainly know who Clinton is, but may not know much about Obama or even that he is black.

It's hard enough running for president as a Democrat; a black democrat at that; running against a Clinton who is "wildly popular among black voters"(which, I'm sure, is why so many white people hate him), but how much harder is it when your biggest challenge is letting people know you're black? I think I have unraveled the Obama mystery: his appeal to blacks and some whites, his real challenges, how he could actually win, and would it matter.

First, his appeal. Many black people will give him a pass just because of his skin. Skin, however, still ain't enough to win the black vote. The reason many black people love him is because he represents a unique opportunity to have something in the presidency we have never had before: understanding. How many men do you know that can truly relate to the pains of childbirth? Probably very few. Not from a lack of empathy, but from the simple fact that we don't have anything to compare it to(and no, childbirth is not equal to getting kicked in the groin). That's how many whites relate to racism. It is marginalized, ignored, and scoffed at as a past issue. Barack brings the hope to many blacks that we finally could have a president who understands and cares about the state of Black America.
Of course, many won't vote for him because there is nothing black people hate worse than- how should I put this- and Uncle Tom. An Oreo. A house n****. One who is black, but pretends not to be. Barack is walking a tight rope: being pro-black is hand in hand with "militant", "racist", or "anti-white" to many whites, and he cant alienate his white supporters by throwing up a fist and saying Black Power. And many white people like Obama for his charisma, anti-Iraq vote, and that big brain he has. Plus, he has an appealing smile. Who doesn't love that?
The question is, can he win? I say, yes, but boy it's gonna be a tough one.
Bush's failure as a leader has left the presidency wide open, but Kerry learned that the "At least I'm not Bush" campaign strategy isn't enough to win, especially since everybody and their mama are running for president, and none of them are Bush. His main obstacle isn't fighting Mrs. Clinton for the black vote, but fighting the hardcore, right wing extremist, who are always united in their ignorance. Oh, don't get me wrong: I claim neither Left nor Right, I just notice that I disagree more often and on more issues with people who claim to be Conservatives. The problem is that being the first black candidate, a Democrat, a leftist, non Christian, and Black(yes, it counts as two strikes), Obama will unite Conservatives, Ultra-Conservatives, Reagan Republicans, and Racist(ha, redundancy!) more than any other candidate before because they see him as a direct challenge to their fundamental beliefs. To them, his election will mean the White House will be painted black, fried chicken will be mandatory at every meal, baseball will make way for basketball as the nations favorite past time, and apple pie will simply disappear.
So, blacks are waiting to validate his Black Card, the white opposition(not all whites: just those listed above) are united in their hate for him and his "unamericanism", and the indifferent are rendered useless due to the flood of candidates to choose from. Yes, it's a long road to the White House for Mr. Obama, but I still say thanks to W's grand mishaps, hippies and slackers will come outta the wood works and give him an actual fighting chance. Of course, I don't think it'll make a lick of a difference once he is in office and just another slave to the lobbyers who pull the strings of all presidents, so this is all moot point.
I guess that's why he called his book "The Audacity of Hope".
Still, the slightest possibility of black sympathy in the White House is exciting, so maybe I will vote for ol' boy, Obama. Besides, they'll just disenfranchise my vote anyway.


  1. Anonymous2.8.07

    I agree. I don't think Obama should get my vote just because he is black. He hasn't even shown any interest on black issues because he is too scared to look black.

  2. Anonymous2.8.07

    I'm tired of people dogging Barack Obama! He is the closest african american to become president ever, so we need to support him no matter what.