Neighborhood Watch in Effect

To me, the tragedy and beauty of this is in it's simplicity.
Out of all laws, creeds, government forces, and policies; logic always prevails. Men of the community see a common threat, and from instinct, collectively defend their homes. They don't wait until someone tells them what to do. They don't complain about the government not handling "that death squad problem". They don't form a committee to discuss the issue of death squads and how its negatively effects on the neighborhood. They don't call the police and report that "death squads are in the process of killing my peers, please respond promptly". They do what comes natural, what they are socially responsible to do, and what all men are supposed to- defend their homes.
My first thought was of the duties of men, but immediately turned to the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense; its origins being so similar. I'm too young for personal nostalgia, but the principles and passion are definitely lacking nowadays. Although romanticized, I miss the fundamental ideals of the time. That adversity caused a unity among all black people at the time, so the BPP was just a manifestation of nearly the entire people's sentiments. But my feelings while watching these men defend their community weren't of a pleasant passing, but were instead more dreading the loss of those principles applied. I felt the lack of that spirit of togetherness those men had. I saw the overcast of complacency that shadows the people today. If the people in 1966 raged and paced with the ferocity of a newly captured lion, then the people of 2007 lazily lag along the day, droopy eyed, with the docility of an overweight house cat having never been outside.
My wish, or goal- whichever is more obtainable- is for the eyes of my people to be open again, and the wrongs of this life we live are to be opposed by the masses, and not just a discontented few.
My heart goes out to those forced to live in such constant hostility, and my respect goes to the men defending their homes. I can only hope that my people will respond the same way to our oppressors. I know I will.

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  1. Anonymous2.8.07

    Respect son. This is real talk.