No Rent, No Vote?

Republicans in Michigan have stepped up their election stealing efforts with a major move, utilizing the most common economic problem in America: home foreclosures. Macomb County Michigan's Republican Party leader is using a list of foreclosed homes to block voters. The plan is simple: voters show up on election day, are challenged if their address matches one on the list, and voters are discouraged because of red tape or long lines. Needless to say, these list will be used only in traditionally democratic areas. If you have registered to vote, they can't legally stop you. The goal is to just put as many obstacles as possible in the way of opposition voters.
Their stated goal is to ensure "proper electoral procedures were followed." A home in foreclosure only means the repossession process has started. Many homes in foreclosure are rescued by loans or other means, and the process itself can take months or longer, and any list won't be in real time, so homes saved from foreclosure I'm sure won't be miraculously edited off the list just before election day. Even celebrities have had their homes in foreclosure recently, including Michael Jackson, Evander Holyfield, Aretha Franklin, and Ed McMahon. This is a direct attack on voters who already face heavy opposition. These are the same areas who were systematically shortened on voting machines, and had people waiting 10+ hours to vote. Don't wait until election day or another stolen election before you spread the word and DO SOMETHING about this. Click here to find your senator and write, but don't expect too much if they belong to the guilty party. Republicans and Democrats alike both need to stop this type of misconduct by standing up to it on all levels. Unless, of course, you agree not paying rent is just cause to lose constitutional rights.

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