The Current State of Democracy

In St. Paul, Minnesota, law enforcement agents raided homes and arrested major organizers in anticipation of their protest of the Republican National Convention. There were no arrest warrants, and they were not charged. They were held on probable cause of conspiracy to commit riot, conspiracy to commit property damage, and conspiracy to commit civil disorder, conveniently just before they were to implement the protest they had been leading.

- Is it a free country when protest leaders are arrested preemptively for attempting to exercising their right to both assemble and disagree?
- These were planned, peaceful protest. Why were the civilians under surveillance and arrested before the protest even took place?
- Around 800 protesters were arrested during the convention, yet officers admit "only a handful of protesters were violent." (watch officials respond to protesters at a press conference) Can other citizens expect to be arrested when they protest?
- Are YOU willing to defend your 1st amendment rights, or let acquiescence continue to rule?

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  1. I think that it is truly Ironic that you would post about this and I have a government paper due in 2 weeks that I have been struggling with. the topic of my paper is:

    In Fighting a War on Terrorism, Is the United States Acting within Reasonable Limits to Maintain Its Civil Liberties?

    I appreciate this knowledge and this article becuase it has helped a milli on my paper.