Mercenaries in the Hood- Not in Theatres yet

Oakland, California is the latest city to authorize the use of mercenaries as neighborhood police. What they don't report is that the neighborhoods will, naturally, all be predominantly Black or Mexican populated. They will make no reference as to the outstanding percentage of these races imprisoned compared to their white counterparts. Families will be referred to only by their neighborhood crime statistics, because these are criminals, not family members. The news won't connect how police are already allowed to shoot an unarmed suspect 50 times(Sean Bell) with how private soldiers are allowed to rape 14yr old girls under the "casualty of war" defense(Blackwater). It will be taboo to compare how you would react if your local cops were replaced with private soldiers, because then you may think about how different some people are treated by police than others. And who wants to think about that? Not everybody will say "black people commit more crimes", but everyone knows they are more likely go to jail. Such things are not party topics. They will have their time to be discussed, just not in the news. Perhaps one day you will experience what it is like to have mercenaries as cops. Then will be a good time to bring up race in relation to this story, when both questions and answers will be plentiful.

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