Texas Secession Session

I agree that taxes have been out of control for a long time. Income tax alone is around 25% of one's income and is unapportioned. However, as soon as I heard of the national mock tea parties planned, I knew Texas would have it's own unique spin. "Sponsored by the Republican Party of Texas" is a warning sign for people like me- minority leftist. These rallies may be very integrated across the nation, but the group that want to secede from the US and elect Chuck Norris as it's president has generally proven hostile toward my kind. As expected, outrage against an oppressive tax system is being channeled to power the gears of a slowing ultra conservative machine. The deep south conservatives are upset that they no longer have their own types in control of the nation. With an independent Texas nation, the chances of a democratic majority on any level will return to the post-Clinton lows of the good 'ol days. I am not a Democrat, but I have experienced enough of the Bush years to not want a permanent reenactment in my state. The Republican Party in Texas has created policies oppressive to minorities and the poor, shown extreme favoritism toward the rich, endorsed a for-profit war well after the stated reasons proved false, and absolutely stonewalled and demonized anyone who was not in their small demographic of "true Americans"- white, Christian, and small town, as described by Sarah Palin. The last time Texas seceded, it was in leading the charge against the US for their anti slavery laws. The problem is that the Texas republican party leaders haven't changed their views very much since then- you'll likely find more Confederate flags down here than in the Carolina's.

It's time for independent republicans to step up. If those less extreme conservatives do not level the heads leading the Republican Party, then the 'us vs them' mentality will soon have them on the wrong end of the "OMG, Is that a real" shotgun barrel. Dick Cheney, you may be happy to see a fire building in the eyes of your followers, but you cannot keep your daughter out of their range forever. As they call for more action against their opponents, other things they oppose will feel the heat. Things such as homosexuality and non-Christianity will become not just staple platform issues, but lines of separation between the 'us' and 'them'.

Conservatives championed the very legislative exclusion they complain of now. It is their failure to accept the opposition as equals that has been their previous downfall, and leading them astray again. If logical thinking, willing to accept the existence of hippies in the world republicans don't direct the fervor building in their camp, black Southerners need to flee, because the confederate flag waving Taliban is a comin'.

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