A Nation of Pause

President Obama seeks to block the court ordered release of prisoner abuse photos to protect America's reputation. Democrats and Republicans, previously on opposite sides of the issue, have joined forces in criticizing the president as either buckling under political pressure or being a flip flopper(apparently gangsters don't wear flip flops).

I, however, commend the president on his courage in keeping longstanding traditions, despite heavy opposition. Protecting the nation is rarely such a paradox. From broken peace treaties, to Tuskegee experiments, and now torture- American politics has been filled with acts of such enormity, even the president himself has a hard time circumventing the legal system. You can defend proponents of slavery or the merits of Hiroshima, but to associate any illegality or immorality of these acts with our great nation is the equivalent of PR treason. Aside from answering red phones and shaking international hands, the president's main duty is to be the spokesman for USA Incorporated- keeping the brand name clean and protecting it from falling victim to it's number one product- the legal system. America is a nation of laws. To publicize these pictures is to provide evidence of conduct we deemed inhumane and illegal. Obama has two choices- provide evidence that the government, our government, committed illegal acts and follow through with the legal process(which ends with president appointed judges)- OR - plead the fifth.

It reminds me of the one time when I took pictures of myself smoking crack and cheating on my taxes. To see those pictures, click... oh wait. Never mind...

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