Party Fault Grows, Headliner Smuggles "Told U So"

As predicted, the GOP continues to divide as additional politicians (Cheney, Rove) provide heat and the media spreads the flames. Yahoo News headlined Powell's rebuttal to the Limbaugh/Cheney debate as "the debate over the GOP's future"- the first* major news outlet to make the reference. Mark your calendars and place your Vegas bets for the following June events:

-Ambitious conservatives attacking Powell/others to prove conservative values: +64%*

-Carl Rove's strategic proximity just outside the spotlight: +81%*

-Democrat Corruption: +40%*

-Chuck Norris election victories: +1*

-White House use of the term ''transparency": -123%*

-Gay Politician Accusations: +30%*

*Approved by the Stat-o-matic 2000, recommended by 9/10 Impulsive Statistics professors and media professionals worldwide.

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