Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama,
Although we don't understand it as well as you, most of us laymen recognize the fine line you must walk being the leader of such a multi-colored nation. Although I complain about you by name at times, please note that I am happy you have brought back at least a sense of humanity to the presidency- an aura that doesn't proudly proclaim 'the bottom line' to be only financial gain. If we claim any sort of compassion or empathy individually, our elected leaders should reflect such as well.
That being said, what is the significance of having a black president if the governments treatment of black Americans will remain unchanged? You have said time and time again that as you work to improve conditions for everybody, naturally those communities harder hit, such as the black communities, will see the benefits as well. How can you acknowledge the inequalities in the black communities, but only respond with a promise to return to the norm? Are blacks to be expected to always lead in unemployment, drop out, arrest, and incarceration rates?
You have ruffled quite a few feathers already going after such a huge problem as the health care system. I must congratulate you for this, and condemn opponents of change. Some may delight in the prospect of 1 out of every 5 dollars being spent on health care- sounds like a beautiful profit margin- but as human beings, we should not accept profit over saving lives, period. America will pay for the inflation of health care cost with the dollars of the rich or the lives of the poor.
The very same way you brought this debate to life, why can't you ask similarly difficult questions regarding the black community? Questions like, why do blacks have the highest arrest and incarceration rate? Why are blacks the most likely to be uneducated? Why are blacks the most likely to be poor? I am tired of these being unquestioned realities. Black skin does not make you mentally inferior, nor criminally inclined. If the blanket policies continue, the message will be clear that the government either has no interest in the advancement of colored people, or sees no benefit from the improvement of their conditions.
Also, how many of the Bush policies will you adopt? I was under the impression "change" meant a change in policies. Do not feel pressured to be like any other president- you are not any other president. You do not need to cater to any tradition, or pander to any crowd beyond that of the public will. People were previously afraid to even include words like "President" in conversations , for fear they would be recorded, arrested, and held indefinitely without charge. Is that the type of nation we call free? The era of supreme court election decisions and warrantless wiretappings needs to end, and the era of REAL transparency needs to begin.
Once again, I am glad that you are president and believe you are doing a very good job. However, in order to improve conditions better than before when things are already bad, you will need to be nothing less than extraordinary.

With Sincerity and Peace,

J Robinson
Advocate for a peaceful and fearless society

My regards to the wife and family.

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