Wise White Men

The confirmation hearing of Judge Sotomayor has a racist elephant in the room. The root of her opposition lies in these key three words: Wise, Latina, and Woman.

If the supreme court was made up of ALL Latina women, what would her opposition be?

By opposing this nomination over Sotomayor's public claims being both latino and a woman affect her decisions, you admit being a white male affects your decisions. It is effecting this decision.
You don't need to claim that publicly for us to know it, nor does the public hold it against you. Just let the root of opposition be more statement than allusion.
"I oppose Sotomayor because she is a Latino Woman, and I represent White Males."

WATCH Pat Buchanan calls for more racial opposition.

Affirmative Action is wrong, but he wants the law changed to protect his race from discrimination?

Sotomayor is inevitable: as the Latino population has grown, so will the number of Latino elected officials... and, unfortunately, the temperature of racial politics.


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