The Fall of Glenn

It has been a good run, but Glenn Beck's celebrity career is over.

As sponsor after sponsor has pulled away from him amidst public outcry over recent comments that Obama is a racist with a "deep seeded hatred for white people", his fellow right wingers have began to distance themselves as well. Traditionally, when a prominent representative of the Republican base (black Republicans, such as Colin Powell, are important but outside of the base demographic) is attacked, fellow party members rally in their defense. Glenn, however, stretched that privilege a little too far when he directly pitted Obama against the entire white race- something GOPers constantly infer, but never officially say. Fox and friends cannot retain the image of journalistic integrity- 'fair and balanced' they call it -and be so directly linked to racism accusations. The video montage of them accusing people of "playing the race card" John Stewart would create would be historically epic.

In lieu of the normal collective defense by the GOP, they have previously ignored and now are distancing themselves from Glenn, even going as far as preemptively minimizing his career, as poorly written by conservative columnist Kathy Shaidle. In her response to large sponsors abandoning Glenn (Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy), she wrote:

"They're just humoring boy cotters until they turn their attention to a new trendy cause."

The implication being his career is the old trending cause.

In fact, the entire article professes the death of Glenn Becks career more systematically than this post.

It begins by announcing the reason his career is over: sponsors have been "bullied" from his program in rapid succession- 5 one week, 20 the next. She politely list them by name, pointing out the most recent are large companies. Then she eloquently explains how "left wing busybodies" who "typically avoid shopping at Wal-Mart" have teamed up with their opposites, the Wal-Mart shoppers who are apparently "much more likely to be Glenn Beck fans. Period."

Shaidle makes the point my natural "leftwing incoherence" could never: enemies and supporters of Wal-Mart don't like this guy, and this is business. Wal-Mart didn't get big off of white only dollars, so they're not going to isolate 2/3 of their demographic.

As she points out, they have already shifted funds away from Glenn to other shows on Fox News. Of course, your tiny liberal brain probably doesn't realize that ad revenue plays a large role in the TV industry. Shows get cancelled for less. Wal-Mart isn't acting in the best interest of it's stockholders, it's "humoring the boy cotters until they turn their attention to a new trend."

Because of his financial toxicity, Glenn Beck is about to be out of the only job he is suited for. His credibility is burning so brightly, Kathy Shaidle's got caught in it's gravity. His career failure is like a supernova that, ironically, resulted in a black hole of failure: even it's coverage fails, by insisting leftist don't "get" it's irony, even though it was attempting sarcasm, not irony. Humor, insult, AND irony identification fail. Triple fail score.

The true irony is that in failure, Glenn Beck becomes what he previously failed to convince the USA he represented, a normal guy.
That, and the fact that the post defending his career as still alive provided both content and picture for this post.


  1. Anonymous18.8.09

    I read that other article. It's funny reading this one first.

  2. I feel sorry for Glenn, it's not his fault that he was born stupid. Clearly the man is an oxygen thief.