3 Classic American Recipes

1 False Alarm
1 Harvard Professor
1 Cop
2oz Anger

For Bullied Nerd: Marinate Cop and Anger over lifetime. Splash with False Alarm and Harvard Professor. Serve Fresh.

For Intelligent Insults: Mix Anger and Harvard Professor until slightly lumpy. Add False Alarm. When boiling, lower heat, add Cop. Let mix stew for best results.

For Beerfest: Use Black Harvard Professor/ White Cop. Heat 1oz Anger and Harvard Professor. Add Cop. Watch carefully, as it can easily boil over. After arrest, add 1oz anger and mix well. Let blend cool for three days. Serves 4, or 300 million Americans unwilling to actually deal with race issues.


1 comment:

  1. Overall, a very clever metaphor.

    "Serves 4, or 300 million Americans unwilling to actually deal with race issues."

    I feel that what some (of US) saw as a great missed opportunity to openly discuss racism is really a "cooked-up" distraction from healthcare reform opposition. It was never supposed to be a "race" moment, so BeerFest 2009 was a good thing to me because it refocused the country on the REAL issue, which is not race but INEQUALITY of opportunity across the board...

    Blacks suffer a disproportionate amount of chronic illnesses and deaths due to lack of quality healthcare.

    Healthcare reform in this country serves way more than 4 people. Race is a social construct. Health is a real, tangible thing. Who cares about racial problems if we're all dead and/or financially bankrupt?