Six Minutes: Doomsday Fresh, You're On

In the year 1945, the Manhattan Project had been completed, along with the first nuclear bomb. Scientist, realizing the scope of what they had done, also created the Doomsday Clock- a symbol of our proximity to self destruction via nuclear annihilation. I suspect as Hydrogen bombs start trending, so will mini, digital doomsday clocks. In fact, there may already be an app for that.

Only adjusted eighteen times since inception, scientist have moved it back in time- counter clockwise. Six minutes to midnight, they say.
Yet the clock is symbolic- based more on subjective observation of political events than calculations and formulas. The closest it has been to midnight is two minutes- during the cold war when both the US and Russia stepped up testing of thermonuclear devices. The furthest was seventeen- in the early nineties after the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. At the risk of sounding like a Fox news evangelist, science has failed us.
Nuclear bombs are real science- real hypothesis, real calculations, real Hiroshimas. The Doomsday Clock, though produced from the same group of scientist, is not scientific. The gesture would have been more appropriate as a doomsday-o-meter. The purpose of the device is to monitor our proximity to doomsday, so there is hope in its failures. A clock implies our doom is only a matter of time- arguable, but not according to the device in question. Not when we were two minutes from doom in 1960 and six minutes til in 2010. There are certain aspects- such as hope -that science is not equipped to measure. Human concepts, like Justice, Goodness, and Hope, are beyond the reach of scientific tools. No tools in the lab can help gauge hope, so we make due with symbolism to help grasp the reality. As much as it is a scientific failure, the doomsday clock fully serves it's purpose as a symbol. Man invented the tools of their destruction. Man also guides the hands of the doomsday clock- moving it forward or backward according to his will. That's good enough for me- we don't have to sit back and watch the clock tick towards our destruction. We can change, even if only symbolic.

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