Cap & Aid

The citizens of America need to hold their leaders responsible- their corporate leaders.

We decided to name our system of elected leaders- also know as a republic -"Democracy", and based the monetary system around what ends up a capitalistic model. In that sense, why do you return to a communist or socialist model when it comes to aid? If the Government is too corrupt or incapable of handling vital industries*, or such would be a dreadful state of oppression/Russia, why do we look at the Government when it is time to for aid? The government has planes, but not line American Airlines. Food and supplies, but not like Wal-Mart. Money, but not like Goldman Sachs. Every dollar the government spends comes from the people, and our common humanity awakens and opens individual pockets to provide assistance, but where do the providers of the goods and services fit in? Don't we rely on the 'free market' to satisfy our needs? Put the average citizen in charge of Haiti relief funds, and the will go to Wal Mart. You can get food, water, blankets, clothes, tents- every thing you need. One-stop disaster relief shopping. Except we're not shopping- we're asking for donations. I know these donations are not going to the hands of Haitians- those hands don't need a fistful of cash, they need food and water. Instead of waiting for a collection plate to fill and turning it into water, why not just ask the fuckers with the water for some water? (Hey Ozarka/Dasani/Avian, can Haiti have some water? I've seen you deliver.) McDonald's has made a handsome living feeding poor Americans, can Haiti have a bite? KFC, if ever anyone needed a free chicken coupon, it is them and now.
Somehow corporations have enjoyed the benefits of human freedom as defined by the 14th amendment, but none of the responsibilities. Every since Scrooge was forced into giving away money on Christmas day, even buying an expensive turkey, owners of corporations have been careful in keeping their faces from being associated with their brand. Had the Ghost of Christmas' Future showed Scrooge today, the image if being asked to contribute to Haitian relief funds would scare him straight- no third ghost needed. How do you apply large scale humanity when profit is the bottom line? If the government should not regulate in a capitalist society, should the people?

*The government provides education, retirement, insurance against bank promises, and health care for vulnerable persons, such as the elderly or pregnant.

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