Freedom of Speech, but Money Talks

Aside from being caricatured as a gun waving Uncle Yosemite Sam, there are other reasons American politics are watched closely all across the world. Specifically, the world is interested in the decision makers. While pundits debate if the health of American citizens is worth the cost, the Supreme Court of the United States is protecting the rights of corporations. In a landmark decision, corporate campaign contributions have become synonymous with the freedom of speech.
While corporations celebrate finally getting a voice in American politics, the rest of the voices, including American citizens, has been drowned out.
Before the 5-4 SCOTUS decision, corporations already had a voice. They told the government "we need money" and got a bailout. Now the citizens are saying "we need money." In accordance to the American way, the appropriate response is "get a job", so citizens told the government "we need jobs." Washington's official response was: "Let us talk to the corporations and get right back to you."
Sorry American people, your money has already been allocated. And since there is no profit in free healthcare, curing diseases, or any of that other save the earth junk, there is no company doing it. Save the earth junk has no corporate sponsors, no corporate dollars, no well funded lobbyist.
Meanwhile, Bill and Melinda Gates, American Citizens, want to do some good, and donated the largest amount of money ever to fight a number of diseases, including AIDS. If only an American voice, like the voices politicians listen to, had called out on behalf of ending disease, or some other hippie shit wealthy people have time to care about. Ten billion dollars- that's $10,000,000,000 -could have went into the American economy. Now Switzerland is once again pocketing funds from what in America would be considered a non-profit organization. The new conventional wisdom says that Gates' money may have been better served starting a corporation here, whose business was curing disease. With no staff or overhead, all funds could have been split among left and right wing politicians, and the whole US government would have been on board. It's apparent that in this land, corporate decisions will reign supreme.

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