Reporters Arrested for Reporting

On September 1st, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was arrested in Minnesota for reporting on the protest at the Republican National Convention. (Click here to read the story)

How extreme do circumstances need to be before people begin to act? Arresting citizens without charges or due process violates the 5th amendment, but that's exactly what the Patriot Act does. Arresting people for protesting or reporting on protesting violates the 1st amendment, but its been happening routinely since 2001. Dissent is being met with state sponsored force. Those who see can't wait until they are the targets of this force to see its folly, and those who agree with the current administration's policies won't forever, and will be too late when the do find themselves on the opposing side. If Americans don't act soon to revive real democracy, we will all be the Facist we preach against, if it's not too late already.

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