An Evening in Paris

Home of America's last official public lynching, Paris, TX brand Justice strikes again. After Brandon McClelland was run over and dragged to death, prosecutors dropped all charges after a truck driver came forward and said he "might have run him over".
This coming from the same prosecutors and judges [Chuck "Supervillian" Superville] who tried and convicted 14yr old Shaquanda Cotton as an adult for pushing a hall monitor.
With so many racially charged public issues, this is long overdue.

5. Question the Racism
Even after all the Rodney Kings, Sean Bells, and Sotomayors, racism must be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt before it is considered a plausible cause. Why? Don't be 'that guy'.

4. Blame the Victim
Your first sentence should never start with "He [victim] probably..." HE is the victim. His scars/lack of life should be enough evidence to justify investigation of wrongdoing.

3. Ignorantly Repeat Sound Bytes
Someone else may have read the entire story or, even worse, know the facts!

2. Beat the War Drum
Your first response should not be "See, THIS is what I'm talking about! F%#$ [insert racial slur here]" Before we hit the streets with Molotov cocktails, lets talk about THIS. Action, not reaction.

1. Call Al Sharpton
Eyes will roll. Let the Al Show begin.


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